AES implementation in Julia. Supports 128/192/256-bit keys and several cipher modes of operation.


AES Implementation in Julia

This package implements the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher in Julia. It supports 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit keys. Note that the implementation is not optimized with regard to performance or resistance to timing attacks.

This package also allows to use AES in the following block cipher modes of operation:

  • ECB (Electronic codebook)
  • CBC (Cipher-block chaining)
  • CFB (Cipher feedback)
  • OFB (Output feedback)
  • CTR (Counter)


In the Julia shell, switch to the pkg environment by pressing ]. In the package environment, run add with the URL of this repository as the only parameter. Alternatively, clone this repository and run add . in the package environment.

Example Usage

The following code shows how to use AES in OFB mode for encryption.

using AES
key = rand(UInt8, div(256, 8))
iv = rand(UInt8, 16)
plaintext = rand(UInt8, 3 * 16)
AESOFB(plaintext, key, iv)

More examples can be found in test/runtests.jl.


Feel free to report any bugs and to send pull requests.

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