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BibParser is a Julia package for parsing different bibliographic formats. The output are entries following the BibParser.jl structures. Instead of rewriting from scratch existing (and efficient) parsers in Julia, it is preferable to import them.

This package is not meant to be used on its own. Please check Bibliography.jl for a package handling both import/export from various bibliographic formats.

The output of an example parsing a BibTeX file can be found at baffier.fr/publications.html.


Two parsers are available at the moment. The main one is based on JuliaTeX/BibTeX.jl and can be found in the bibtex.jl file.

The second one uses Automa.jl. Some restrictions exist regarding the BibTeX grammar, please check bibtex_automa.jl for the details.

  • @string, @preamble, and @comment are currently not accepted
  • when the field value is delimited by braces ({, }), nested braces are not necessarily recognized correctly. However, nested braces within quoted value are fine
  • value are parsed but not interpreted regarding their LaTeX syntax. It is preferable to use unicode syntax. Those restrictions are expected to be lifted in the future.

On long term, a parser based on Tokenize.jl is expected.

Citation Style Language (CSL-JSON)

Ongoing work.

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