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Blink.jl is the Julia wrapper around Electron. It can serve HTML content in a local window, and allows for communication between Julia and the web page. In this way, therefore, Blink can be used as a GUI toolkit for building HTML-based applications for the desktop.

To install, do:

julia> Pkg.add("Blink")
# ... Blink builds and downloads Electron ...
julia> using Blink
julia> Blink.AtomShell.install()

Basic usage:

julia> using Blink

julia> w = Window() # Open a new window

julia> body!(w, "Hello World") # Set the body content

julia> loadurl(w, "http://julialang.org") # Load a web page

For options see the functions defined in window.jl, which closely follow electron's API.

You can also use the JS API to interact with the window. For example:

julia> @js w Math.log(10)

If that's not convincing enough, open the console (Cmd-Alt-I on OS X) and evaluate:

@js w console.log("hello, web-scale world")

Issues & Caveats

  • On Windows, the spawned process dumps its output into Julia's STDOUT, which is kind of annoying.
  • When running on a headless linux instance (such as for CI tests), you must start julia via xvfb-run julia. More information can be found in the electron docs here. See the Blink.jl .travis.yml file for an example.

    Otherwise you will see the following error:

    │    LoadError: IOError: connect: connection refused (ECONNREFUSED)

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