This package implements an abstract branch and bound framework and algorithms with emphasis on JuMP-based optimization and MIP.




This package is under development. It currently only implements 2 algorithms:

  1. A simple depth first search (DFS) algorithm using a recursion-based implementation of the branch and bound algorithm. For MIPs, the most fractional variable is used for branching by default and the larger bound is solved first, e.g. x >= 1 before x <= 0.
  2. Strong branching in the recursion implementation with specialization to MIPs.

The following work items are yet to be done:

  • Pseudo-cost branching in the recursive implementation
  • MIP standard cutting planes, e.g. Gromory's cut
  • Integration with jlSimplex.jl for MILPs
  • Specilization for network optimization
  • Randomness and restarts
  • Making algorithm structs for easy parameter specification
  • A flattened implementation to allow free node selection and dynamic parallelism
  • Parallel implementation
  • Constraint propagation and feasibility pump
  • Advanced node and variable scoring techniques


using BranchAndBound
using JuMP
using Clp
#using GLPKMathProgInterface

n = 10

volume = [rand()*20 for i in 1:n];
worth = [rand()*20 for i in 1:n];

m = Model(solver=ClpSolver(SolveType=0));
#m = Model(solver=GLPKSolverLP(method=:Simplex));
@variable(m, 0 <= x[1:n] <= 1, category=:Bin);
@constraint(m, sum(volume[i]*x[i] for i = 1:n) <= 20);
@objective(m, Max, sum(worth[i]*x[i] for i = 1:n));

bbproblem = BBProblem(m, mip=true);
@time my_solution, my_optimal_value = BB(bbproblem, alg=:dfs_sb) #Strong branching
#@time my_solution, my_optimal_value = BB(bbproblem, alg=:dfs_simple) #Simple dfs

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