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This module provides a basic datatype used to buffer incoming stream data in an a format friendly to processing. The basic API is to create a LinkedBufferStream (hinting at the fact that it is implemented using a linked list) and then create views on that stream:

using BufferedStream

stream = LinkedStream{Float64}()
view = StreamView(stream)

After creating a LinkedStream, samples can be pushed to it via push!, and these samples will appear in the view:

push!(stream, Float64[1,2,3,4,5])
view[1] + view[2] == 3

StreamView objects provide an Array-like interface, seamlessly bridging over the multiple chunks of data push!'ed onto the stream. The really interesting behavior comes via shift_origin!(), which allows a view to shift forward in time, leaving samples behind. This allows an algorithm to process a stream of data, buffering data seamlessly until it is determined that some old samples are no longer needed. At that point in time, the view can be shifted forward, and old chunks will be automatically garbage collected:

push!(stream, Float64[6,7,8,9,10])
shift_origin!(view, 6)
# Original chunk added above is now free to be garbage collected
view[1:4] == Float64[7,8,9,10]

New views can be created easily from old views:

view2 = StreamView(view)
view[1] == view2[1]

As well as from streams, however note that they will point to the end of the last chunk added to the StreamView; you must push!() more samples onto the stream.

view2 = StreamView(stream)
view2[1] # This throws a BoundsError
push!(stream, Float64[1,2,3])
view2[1:3] == Float64[1,2,3]

Important Notes

  • LinkedStream's do not copy the data pushed onto them; they simply store a reference: ``` stream = LinkedStream{Float64}() view = StreamView(stream) data = Float64[1,2,3] push!(stream, data)

view[1] == 1 data[1] = 2 view[1] == 2

* Samples in the past relative to all views are unreachable and garbage collectable immediately.  Do not advance views beyond samples you wish to process in the future.

* `view` objects do not define a `setindex!()` method; assignments do not work, partially due to the fact that the chunks underlying the views would be mutated, and partially because the spirit of this package is to provide a read-only view of the incoming stream; processing that requires modifications of the data should create a copy of the data and operate upon that.

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