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This package provides a collection of colorschemes:

  • scientifically devised colorschemes from ColorBrewer, CMOcean, ScientificColorMaps, ColorCet, and Seaborn
  • popular old favourites such as viridis, inferno, and magma from MATPlotLib
  • old masters' colorschemes, such as leonardo, vermeer, and picasso
  • variously themed colorschemes such as sunset, coffee, neon, and pearl

Note that the schemes contained here are a mixture:

  • some are high quality color maps with consistent perceptual contrast over their full range
  • others are designed for general purpose and informal graphics work

Choose colorschemes with care! Refer to Peter Kovesi's PerceptualColourMaps package, or to Fabio Crameri's Scientific Colour Maps for more information.

If you want to make more advanced ColorSchemes, use linear-segment dictionaries or indexed lists, and use functions to generate color values, see the make_colorscheme() function in the ColorSchemeTools.jl package.

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