This package aims to provide a basic environment for experiments on reinforcement learning algorithms in Julia.

Supported Environments

Currently, only OpenAIGym is supported. More environments are coming soon.


  • [ ] ViZDoom

    Will be supported using CxxWrap.jl. Due to the grammar change in the latest CxxWrap.jl, the client of ViZDoom need to be updated.

  • [x] bullet3

    Since there exists a PyBullet-gym repo, no need to add another wrapper. See more discussion here

  • [ ] Carla

    Carla is a very interesting project that I have been watched for a long time. The python client communicate with the server through socket. It seems possible to write a client in pure julia. I'll evaluate the workload later.

  • [ ] Support distributed environment so that we can take a batch of actions.

  • [ ] Multi-agent support.

  • [ ] Benchmark


  1. Install OpenAIGym first.
  2. Add Environment.jl as a dependency.

    pkg> add https://github.com/findmyway/Environment.jl


Checkout gymenv.jl for usage.

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