Filter Exploration for Bearing Only Localization



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This package was originally made to test various filters in the bearing-only localization problem (the name FEBOL comes from Filter Exploration for Bearing-Only Localization). However, it has since expanded into a general framework for simulating UAV-based localization of a single, stationary target. The user can choose from a variety of sensors, filters, and policies (or make his own).

Visualizing simulations requires the package FEBOLPlots.jl. Visualizations are done in PyPlot, but PyPlot annoyingly takes about 5 seconds to load and might not be available on all machines (like a lab server). Therefore, visualization code is kept in FEBOLPlots.jl.

Check out the complete documentation.



To get visualization functionality, you also need FEBOLPlots.jl.


Quick Example

using FEBOL

m = SearchDomain(200, 140, 170)
s = BearingOnly(5)
f = DF(m, 41, s, 0:10:350)
x = Vehicle(100, 100, 0, 5, s)
p = GreedyPolicy(x, 4)

using FEBOLPlots
visualize(m, x, f, p)

There is much more functionality; check out the complete documentation for more.


  • interface with ParticleFilters.jl
  • allow user to specify degree discretization in discrete filter (also particle filter?)
  • allow interpolations in plotting (instead of "none")

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