A type based approach to working with filesystem paths in julia



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FilePaths.jl provides a type based approach to working with filesystem paths in julia.


FilePaths.jl is registered, so you can to use Pkg.add to install it.

julia> Pkg.add("FilePaths")


julia> using FilePaths

The first important difference about working with paths in FilePaths.jl is that a path is an immutable list (Tuple) of strings, rather than simple a string.

Path creation:

julia> Path("~/repos/FilePaths.jl/")


julia> p"~/repos/FilePaths.jl/"

Human readable file status info:

julia> stat(p"README.md")
  device = 16777220,
  inode = 48428965,
  mode = -rw-r--r--,
  nlink = 1,
  uid = 501,
  gid = 20,
  rdev = 0,
  size = 1880 (1.8K),
  blksize = 4096 (4.0K),
  blocks = 8,
  mtime = 2016-02-16T00:49:27,
  ctime = 2016-02-16T00:49:27,

Working with permissions:

julia> m = mode(p"README.md")

julia> m - readable(:ALL)

julia> m + executable(:ALL)

julia> chmod(p"README.md", "+x")

julia> mode(p"README.md")

julia> chmod(p"README.md", m)

julia> m = mode(p"README.md")

julia> chmod(p"README.md", user=(READ+WRITE+EXEC), group=(READ+WRITE), other=READ)

julia> mode(p"README.md")

Reading and writing directly to file paths:

julia> write(p"testfile", "foobar")

julia> read(p"testfile")

All the standard methods for working with paths in base julia exist in the FilePaths.jl. The following describes the rough mapping of method names. Use ? at the REPL to get the documentation and arguments as they may be different than the base implementations.

Base FilePaths.jl
pwd() cwd()
homedir() home()
cd() cd()
joinpath() joinpath()
basename() basename()
N/A filename
N/A extension
N/A extensions
ispath exists
realpath real
normpath norm
abspath abs
relpath relative
N/A glob
stat stat
lstat lstat
filemode mode
N/A modified
N/A created
isdir isdir
isfile isfile
islink islink
issocket issocket
isfifo isfifo
ischardev ischardev
isblockdev isblockdev
isexecutable (deprecated) isexecutable
iswritable (deprecated) iswritabe
isreadable (deprecated) isreadable
ismount ismount
isabspath isabs
N/A drive
N/A root
expanduser expanduser
mkdir mkdir
mkpath N/A (use mkdir)
symlink symlink
cp copy
mv move
rm remove
touch touch
tempname tmpname
tempdir tmpdir
mktemp mktmp
mktempdir mktmpdir
chmod (non-recursive) chmod (recursive unix-only)
chown (PR) chown (unix only)
N/A read
N/A write


  • cross platform chmod and chown

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