Plotting for Julia based on GR, a framework for visualisation applications


The GR module for Julia

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This module provides a Julia interface to GR, a framework for visualisation applications.

From the Julia REPL an up to date version can be installed with:


The Julia package manager will download and install a pre-compiled run-time (for your hardware architecture), if the GR software is not already installed in the recommended locations.

If you don't want those binaries to be copied to your Julia run-time, you will have to install the GR framework before using the Julia GR package. Clone the main source using:

git clone https://github.com/jheinen/gr

and build and install as usual with:

cd gr
make install

This will install the GR framework into the directory /usr/local/gr.

If you don't have privileges to write to the /usr/local directory, you should install the GR framework in your home folder:

cd gr
make GRDIR=$HOME/gr
make GRDIR=$HOME/gr install

Once the GR framework is installed you can use Pkg.add("GR") in Julia to install the GR module. You are now ready tu use GR.

In Julia simply type using GR and begin calling functions in the GR framework API.

You may also set the GRDIR environment to the GR Python module path of an existing Anaconda (or Miniconda) installation, e.g.:

export GRDIR=${HOME}/anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/gr

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