A graphical interface for Julia package TestRunner.



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GUITestRunner.jl is a Julia standalone GUI for TestRunner.jl package based on Tk.jl. It is designed to display tests defined in FactCheck.jl, run them and show their results.

MIT Licensed - see LICENSE.md


julia> Pkg.clone("https://github.com/meoke/GUITestRunner.jl.git")


  1. To open the test runner window call:

    julia> using GUITestRunner
    julia> GUITestRunner.start_test_runner()


  2. Click on Choose file button to choose your file with FactCheck.jl tests you work with.


  3. Click on Load tests button to load your tests to the window. They are displayed according to the structure of nested facts groups and contexts.


  4. Click on Run tests button to run your tests using FactCheck.jl. The results are marked with appropriate icons.


Additional functions

  • You can view details of the specified test just by clicking on it. You can read them at the bottom of the main window or in a separate window (in order to do it click on the Open details in new window button).


  • You can also open file with the tests on specific line by clicking on the button next to the test name.


GUITestRunner can open your file with tests in a predifined text editor on the line where the test is written. To configure it edit script src/lineNumberButtonOnClick.sh or src/lineNumberButtonOnClick.bat (depending on your OS). This script is executed when a button with line number is clicked on, with following parameters:

  1. line number,
  2. file name.

An example script for opening the file in Kate (Linux):

kate -l $1 $2

An example script for opening the file in Atom (Windows):

atom %2:%1

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