Huge-scale, high-performance flow cytometry clustering in Julia



Huge-scale, high-performance flow cytometry clustering

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How to get started


  • Use Linux (Debian and centOS), macOS X, or Windows 10 as your operating system. GigaSOM has been tested on these systems.
  • In order to use GigaSOM, you need to install Julia 1.0 or higher. You can find the download and installation instructions for Julia here.

Once julia has been installed, follow these instructions to get started.

:bulb: If you are a complete beginner with Julia, it is advised that you familiarize youself with the full documentation. You should also have a closer look at the Julia package manager.


At the Julia prompt, add the GigaSOM package:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.add("GigaSOM");

Use the GigaSOM module by running:

julia> using GigaSOM

Test the installation

GigaSOM has been tested on Linux (Ubuntu and centOS), macOS, and Windows.

You may test the package as follows:

julia> import Pkg; Pkg.test("GigaSOM");

Alternatively, you can use the package manager by hitting ]:

(v1.1) pkg> test GigaSOM

:warning: It is not advised to run indivual test files separately without expliciting activating the environment and loading the dependencies. If this is required for debugging purposes, please activate the environment first and run the commands of the test/runtests.jl file sequentially.

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