Julia package for displaying images in the terminal using ANSI colors and Unicode characters



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ImageInTerminal.jl is a drop-in package that once imported changes a how a single Colorant and whole Colorant arrays (i.e. Images) are displayed in the interactive REPL. The displayed images will be downscaled to fit into the size of your active terminal session.

To activate this package simply import it into your Julia session. By default this packages uses 256 colors. If your terminal supports 24 bit colors you can make use of them by typing the following:

using ImageInTerminal

Without this package

julia> using Images, TestImages

julia> testimage("cameraman")
512×512 Array{Gray{N0f8},2}:
 Gray{N0f8}(0.612)  Gray{N0f8}(0.616)  …  Gray{N0f8}(0.596)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.612)  Gray{N0f8}(0.616)     Gray{N0f8}(0.596)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.62)   Gray{N0f8}(0.616)     Gray{N0f8}(0.596)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.612)  Gray{N0f8}(0.616)  …  Gray{N0f8}(0.6)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.62)   Gray{N0f8}(0.616)     Gray{N0f8}(0.6)
 ⋮                                     ⋱
 Gray{N0f8}(0.435)  Gray{N0f8}(0.439)     Gray{N0f8}(0.439)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.494)  Gray{N0f8}(0.475)  …  Gray{N0f8}(0.467)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.475)  Gray{N0f8}(0.482)     Gray{N0f8}(0.435)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.475)  Gray{N0f8}(0.482)  …  Gray{N0f8}(0.435)
 Gray{N0f8}(0.475)  Gray{N0f8}(0.482)     Gray{N0f8}(0.435)

julia> colorview(RGB, rand(3, 10, 10))
10×10 Array{RGB{Float64},2}:
 RGB{Float64}(0.272693,0.183303,0.0411779)  …  RGB{Float64}(0.743438,0.903394,0.0491672)
 RGB{Float64}(0.035006,0.220871,0.377436)      RGB{Float64}(0.341061,0.145152,0.675675)
 RGB{Float64}(0.164915,0.275161,0.737311)      RGB{Float64}(0.636575,0.460115,0.255893)
 RGB{Float64}(0.656064,0.904043,0.796598)      RGB{Float64}(0.764059,0.573298,0.373081)
 RGB{Float64}(0.203784,0.682884,0.61882)       RGB{Float64}(0.544405,0.934227,0.995363)
 RGB{Float64}(0.906384,0.820926,0.308954)   …  RGB{Float64}(0.00728851,0.996279,0.620743)
 RGB{Float64}(0.574717,0.423059,0.306321)      RGB{Float64}(0.506259,0.138856,0.322121)
 RGB{Float64}(0.0372145,0.60332,0.121911)      RGB{Float64}(0.591279,0.74032,0.876621)
 RGB{Float64}(0.328746,0.69418,0.397904)       RGB{Float64}(0.90115,0.734102,0.893911)
 RGB{Float64}(0.422224,0.914328,0.773111)      RGB{Float64}(0.448258,0.955572,0.0445449)

With this package

julia> using Images, TestImages, ImageInTerminal

julia> testimage("cameraman")

julia> colorview(RGB, rand(3, 10, 10))



If you see out of place horizontal lines in your Image it means that your font displays the utilized unicode block-characters in an unfortunate way. Try changing font or reducing your terminal's line-spacing. If your font is Source Code Pro, update to the latest version.

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