Interactive applications for the exploration of chaos



Interactive applications for the exploration of chaos. Currently in beta.


You have to add InteractiveChaos. Important: InteractiveChaos does not install a plotting backend for you. You have to also install e.g. Makie, GLMakie, etc. for it to actually plot!


The package InteractiveChaos is hooked up to the DynamicalSystems.jl ecosystem. For usage and documentation please visit the official documentation page. In this README we only offer a very basic rundown.

The functionality of InteractiveChaos is contained in individual functions all accepting some instance of a DynamicalSystem. These functions upon call launch interactive applications for exploring chaotic systems. All functions have very detailed documentation strings. The applications themselves use Makie (AbstractPlotting), Interact, Observables, Blink.

For example, some of the functions that you can use are:

  • interactive_poincaresos(cds, plane, idxs, complete; kwargs...) : interactive Poincare surface of section.
  • interactive_orbitdiagram(dds, i, p_index, p_min, p_max; kwargs...) : interactive orbit diagram.

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