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This package can be used to read and write datasets in the JSON-stat format. It is intended be used with JuliaIO JSON, DataFrames and DataStructures.

To read a JSON-stat file containing a dataset.

using JSONStat
import JSON
oecdjsonstat = JSON.parsefile("test/data/oecd.json",
    dicttype = DataStructures.OrderedDict)
oecd = readjsondataset(oecdjsonstat)

Parses the contents of test/oecd.json into an OrderedDict, oecd. The DataFrame oecd["datasetframe"] will contain columns with all data dimensions defined in dimension in oecd.json and the values defined in value.

Older bundle responses containing a map of datasets can also be read:

oecdcajsonstat = JSON.parsefile("test/data/oecd-canada.json",
    dicttype = DataStructures.OrderedDict)
oecdca = readjsonbundle(oecdcajsonstat)

Dictionaries with labels for a specific category can be converted to DataFrames, e.g. to be joined with the main datasetframe for a dataset:

areaframe = labelframe("area", oecd)
join(oecd["datasetframe"], areaframe, on = :area)

OrderedDicts with datasets can be written to JSON-stat:

JSON.json(writejsondataset(oecd), 1)

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