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Luxor is a Julia package for drawing simple static vector graphics. It provides basic drawing functions and utilities for working with shapes, polygons, clipping masks, PNG images, turtle graphics, animations, and shapefiles. Think of it as a high-level and slightly easier to use interface to Cairo.jl, with shorter names, fewer underscores, default contexts, and simplified functions. In Luxor, the emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use.

Luxor is thoroughly procedural and static: your code issues a sequence of simple graphics 'commands' until you've completed a drawing, then the results are saved into a PDF, PNG, SVG, or EPS file.

A short tutorial can be found in the documentation. There are some Luxor-related videos on YouTube, and some Luxor-related blog posts at cormullion.github.io/.

Luxor isn't interactive: for interactive graphics, look at Gtk.jl, and GLVisualize. Makie is worth investigating.

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