Chain types and utility functions for MCMC simulations



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Implementation of Julia types for summarizing MCMC simulations and utility functions for diagnostics and visualizations.


The following simple example illustrates how to use Chain to visually summarize a MCMC simulation:

using MCMCChain
using StatPlots


# Define the experiment
n_iter = 500;
n_name = 3;
n_chain = 2;

# experiment results
val = randn(n_iter, n_name, n_chain) .+ [1, 2, 3]';
val = hcat(val, rand(1:2, n_iter, 1, n_chain));

# construct a Chains object
chn = Chains(val);

# visualize the MCMC simulation results
p1 = plot(chn)
p2 = plot(chn, colordim = :parameter)

# save to a png file
savefig(p1, "demo-plot-parameters.png")
savefig(p2, "demo-plot-chains.png")

This code results in the visualizations shown below. Note that the plot function takes the additional arguments described in the Plots.jl package.

Summarize parameters  Summarize chains
plot(chn; colordim = :chain) plot(chn; colordim = :parameter)
p1 p2


Chains type

# construction of a Chains object
Chains(iterations::Int, params::Int;
    start = 1, thin = 1, chains = 1,
    names = String[])

# construction of a Chains object using an
# iteration * params * chains
# array (values).
Chains(values::Array{T, 3};
    start = 1, thin = 1, chains = 1,
    names = String[])

# Indexing a Chains object
chn = Chains(...)
chn_param1 = chn[:,2,:] # returns a new Chains object for parameter 2
chn[:,2,:] = ... # set values for parameter 2

Convergence Diagnostics functions

Discrete Diagnostic

Options for method are [:weiss, :hangartner, :DARBOOT, MCBOOT, :billinsgley, :billingsleyBOOT]

discretediag(c::AbstractChains; frac=0.3, method=:weiss, nsim=1000)

Gelman, Rubin, and Brooks Diagnostics

gelmandiag(c::AbstractChains; alpha=0.05, mpsrf=false, transform=false)

Geweke Diagnostic

gewekediag(c::AbstractChains; first=0.1, last=0.5, etype=:imse)

Heidelberger and Welch Diagnostics

heideldiag(c::AbstractChains; alpha=0.05, eps=0.1, etype=:imse)

Raftery and Lewis Diagnostic

rafterydiag(c::AbstractChains; q=0.025, r=0.005, s=0.95, eps=0.001)


# construct a plot
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = (:traceplot, :mixeddensity))
plot(c::AbstractChains; ptypes = [TracePlot, MixedDensityPlot]) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains; [:trace, :mixeddensity]) # deprecated

# construct trace plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :traceplot)
plot(c::AbstractChains, TracePlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :trace) # deprecated

# construct running average plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :meanplot)
plot(c::AbstractChains, MeanPlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :mean) # deprecated

# construct density plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :density)
plot(c::AbstractChains, DensityPlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :density) # deprecated

# construct histogram plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :histogram)
plot(c::AbstractChains, HistogramPlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :histogram) # deprecated

# construct mixed density plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :mixeddensity)
plot(c::AbstractChains, MixedDensityPlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :mixeddensity) # deprecated

# construct autocorrelation plots
plot(c::AbstractChains, seriestype = :autocorplot)
plot(c::AbstractChains, AutocorPlot) # deprecated
plot(c::AbstractChains, :autocor) # deprecated

License Notice

Note that this package heavily uses and adapts code from the Mamba.jl package licensed under MIT License, see License.md.

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