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MGEO.jl - A Julia Library for MGEO

MGEO.jl is a Julia library that implements the Multiobjective Generalized Extremal Optimization algorithm. It was coded by Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas at INPE (National Institute for Space Research, in portuguese).

The code was based on MGEOCpp


  • Julia >= 0.7
  • StaticArrays >= 0.8.3


GEO is an evolutionary algorithm developed at INPE [1] that, along with its multiobjective version (M-GEO), has already been successfully applied to a myriad of optimization engineering problems:

  • Thermal design [2];
  • Structural optimization [3];
  • Satellite layout design [4];
  • Spacecraft attitude controller for a rigid-flexible satellite [5];
  • Design satellite constellations that minimize the average and the maximum revisit time over a region of interest [6];
  • Given an analysis interval and a region of interest, design satellite constellations that minimize the number of spacecraft, the mean orbital altitude, and the area not accessible [7].


The functions of the methods are highly documented using Julia documentation systems. However, a comprehensive documentation of the package is not available yet.


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[5] I. Mainenti-Lopes, L. C. G. Souza, and F. L. de Sousa, "Design of a nonlinear controller for a rigid-flexible satellite using multi-objective generalized extremal optimization with real codification," Shock and Vibration, vol. 19, pp. 947-956, 2012.

[6] R. L. Galski, F. L. de Sousa, and F. M. Ramos, "Application of a new multiobjective evolutionary algorithm to the optimum design of a remote sensing satellite constellation," in 5th International Conference of Inverse Problems in Engineering: Theory and Practice, Cambridge, UK, 2005.

[7] R. A. J. Chagas, R. L. Galski, F. L. de Sousa, "OrbGEO - An Orbit Selection Tool for Satellite Constellations Using the Multiobjective Generalized Extremal Optimization (MGEO) Algorithm", in 6th International Conference on Systems & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014.

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