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Makie example gallery generated with this package

Mouse interaction:

Animating a surface:

Complex examples

Running examples in the REPL:

julia> using MakieGallery
julia> database = MakieGallery.load_database();
julia> database[1].title # can be used e.g. for filter(x-> x.title == "...", database)
"Tutorial simple scatter"
julia> database[1] # pretty printing :)
 x = rand(10)
 y = rand(10)
 colors = rand(10)
 scene = scatter(x, y, color = colors)
julia> using Makie
julia> MakieGallery.eval_example(database[1]) # run it!

Developing this package

Adding an example

MakieGallery hosts a lot of examples describing how to use Makie.jl.
To add a standalone example, find the file where it fits best, and add a new @cell entry (or a new @block entry if you want to add more examples in the future).
If you want to add multiple examples, you probably want to add a new @block, or even a new file.

Building the documentation

MakieGallery hosts documentation for Makie.jl.
However, this documentation requires the reference images to be downloaded in the home directory (configurability via an environment variable is planned).
You can get the reference images from https://github.com/JuliaPlots/MakieReferenceImages - it's a large repository, so you may want to shallow clone.

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