Advanced Pattern Matching for Julia

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Advanced Pattern Matching for Julia

Scala has some of the most advanced pattern matching machinery. This package is an attempt to mimic those capabilities in Julia. Features include:

  • Matching against almost any data type with a first-match policy
  • Deep matching within data types and matrices
  • Variable binding within matches

For alternatives to Match, check out the following modules

  • toivoh's PatternDispatch.jl for a more Julia-like function dispatch on patterns.

  • Zach Allaun's Match.jl which is a similar, but (at this writing) less complete module for pattern matching.

Note that Zach's Match.jl is also not listed as an available package for Julia. (Zach kindly offered to let this package use the same name--thanks!)


Use the Julia package manager. Within Julia, do:



The package provides one macro, @match, which can be used as:

using Match

@match item begin
    pattern1              => result1
    pattern2, if cond end => result2
    pattern3 || pattern4  => result3
    _                     => default_result

It is possible to supply variables inside pattern, which will be bound to corresponding values.

See the documentation at ReadTheDocs for examples of this and other features.