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Mimi - Integrated Assessment Modeling Framework

A Julia package for integrated assessment models. For more information, see the Documentation.

Please get in touch with David Anthoff if you are interested in using this framework or want to be involved in any way with this effort.


Mimi is a package that provides a component model for integrated assessment models.

Also see the OptiMimi package for optimizing parameters within Mimi models.

Porting to Mimi 0.5.0: If you are adapting models to the Mimi 0.5.0 breaking release or later, please use the Integration Guide as guide to help port your models as easily as possible.

Julia 1.0: Mimi has now been ported to Julia 1.0.


Mimi is an installable package. To install Mimi, use the following:


Models using Mimi


Contributions to Mimi are most welcome! You can interact with the Mimi development team via issues and pull requests here on github, and in the Mimi.jl/dev gitter chat room.


This work is partially supported by the National Science Foundation through the Network for Sustainable Climate Risk Management (SCRiM) under NSF cooperative agreement GEO-1240507.

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