Statistical p-value adjustment and estimation of the proportion of true null hypotheses



The MultipleTesting package offers common algorithms for p-value adjustment and combination as well as the estimation of the proportion π₀ of true null hypotheses.

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Adjustment of p-values

  • Bonferroni
  • Benjamini-Hochberg
  • Adaptive Benjamini-Hochberg with known π₀ or π₀ estimation method (see section below)
  • Benjamini-Yekutieli
  • Benjamini-Liu
  • Hochberg
  • Holm
  • Hommel
  • Sidak
  • Forward Stop
  • Barber-Candès adjust(pvals, Bonferroni()) adjust(pvals, BenjaminiHochberg()) adjust(pvals, BenjaminiHochbergAdaptive(0.9)) adjust(pvals, BenjaminiHochbergAdaptive(Storey())) adjust(pvals, BenjaminiYekutieli()) adjust(pvals, BenjaminiLiu()) adjust(pvals, Hochberg()) adjust(pvals, Holm()) adjust(pvals, Hommel()) adjust(pvals, Sidak()) adjust(pvals, ForwardStop()) adjust(pvals, BarberCandes())

The adjustment can also be performed on the k smallest out of n p-values:

adjust(pvals, n, PValueAdjustmentMethod)

Estimation of π₀

  • Storey
  • Storey's closed-form bootstrap
  • Least Slope
  • Two Step
  • RightBoundary (Storey's estimate with dynamically chosen λ)
  • Beta-Uniform Mixture (BUM)
  • Censored BUM
  • Flat Grenander
  • Oracle for known π₀ estimate_pi0(pvals, Storey()) estimate_pi0(pvals, StoreyBootstrap()) estimate_pi0(pvals, LeastSlope()) estimate_pi0(pvals, TwoStep()) estimate_pi0(pvals, TwoStep(0.05)) estimate_pi0(pvals, TwoStep(0.05, BenjaminiHochbergAdaptive(0.9)) estimate_pi0(pvals, RightBoundary()) estimate_pi0(pvals, CensoredBUM()) estimate_pi0(pvals, BUM()) estimate_pi0(pvals, FlatGrenander()) estimate_pi0(pvals, Oracle(0.9))

Combination of p-values

  • Fisher
  • Stouffer, optionally with weights
  • Logit
  • Tippett
  • Simes
  • Wilkinson
  • Minimum of adjusted p-values combine(pvals, FisherCombination()) combine(pvals, StoufferCombination()) combine(pvals, weights, StoufferCombination()) combine(pvals, LogitCombination()) combine(pvals, TippettCombination()) combine(pvals, SimesCombination()) combine(pvals, WilkinsonCombination(rank)) combine(pvals, MinimumCombination(PValueAdjustment()))


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