Syntax highlighting and other enhancements for the Julia REPL

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This is my REPL. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


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A package that hooks into the Julia REPL and gives it syntax highlighting, bracket highlighting, prompt paste mode, colorized, structured error messages and other goodies.

Note: A video showing installation and features of the package is available here.

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and then just load with using OhMyREPL (preferably by putting it in the .juliarc.jl)


  • Syntax highlighting - Highlighting of keyword, operators, symbols, strings etc. in different colors.
  • Bracket highlighting - Will make matching brackets highlighted when the cursor is between an opening and closing bracket.
  • Automatic bracket insertion - Will insert matching closing bracket and quotation symbols when suitable.
  • Prompt pasting - If a pasted statement starts with julia> any statement beginning with julia> will have that part removed before getting parsed and any other statement will be removed.
  • Colorized error messages [0.5 only]. Will write the error messages in a bit nicer way.
  • Prompt changing - Can change the text and color of the julia> prompt as well as add a prompt for output.
  • Rainbow brackets - Colorizes matching brackets in the same color.


Please see the documentation for more extensive description of the features and their settings like how to change coloschemes, how to create your own colorschemes etc.