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Benchmarking tools for Julia packages

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PkgBenchmark provides an interface for Julia package developers to track performance changes of their packages.

The package contains the following features

  • A macro based interface, similar to the Base.Test interface, to define a suite of benchmarks. It is, however, also possible to use the dictionary based interface defined in BenchmarkTools in which case it isn't even needed to depend on this package to write the benchmar suite.
  • Running the benchmark suite at a specified commit, branch or tag. The path to the julia executable, the command line flags, and the environment variables can be customized.
  • Comparing performance of a package between different package commits, branches or tags.
  • Exporting results to markdown for benchmarks and comparisons, similar to how Nanosoldier reports results for the benchmarks on Base Julia.


The package is registered in METADATA.jl and can be installed with Pkg.add as

julia> Pkg.add("PkgBenchmark")


  • STABLEmost recently tagged version of the documentation.
  • LATESTin-development version of the documentation.

Project Status

The package is tested against Julia 0.5 and 0.6 on Linux and macOS.

Contributing and Questions

Contributions are welcome, as are feature requests and suggestions. Please open an issue if you encounter any problems.

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