A multi-scale image pyramid representation library for Julia.



A multi-scale image pyramid representation library for Julia.

Currently, Pyramids.jl can create, manipulate, and reduce Gaussian pyramids, Laplacian pyramids, and complex steerable pyramids. These image representations are used for a wide variety of computer vision and computational photography algorithms.

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To install and begin using Pyramids, run the following in Julia:

using Pyramids


While parts of the Pyramids library are adapted from matlabPyrTools, use of the library is quite different. For a more direct port of matlabPyrTools, look at juliaPyrTools.

The Pyramids library is used through the ImagePyramid class. To create a new ImagePyramid, there a several possible constructors. Most typically, they take the form ImagePyramid(im::Array, t::PyramidType).

Subtypes of PyramidType include:

  • The abstract type SimplePyramid
    • GaussianPyramid
    • LaplacianPyramid
  • ComplexSteerablePyramid

Additional parameters include the pyramid scale/slope, the maximum number of levels, number of orientation bands, and the minimum level size, as applicable. For a complete listing of parameters, view the source code.

Below is an example of loading an image and converting it to an ImagePyramid.

using Images, Pyramids

im = real.(load("cameraman.png"))
pyramid = ImagePyramid(im, ComplexSteerablePyramid(), scale=0.75, max_levels=23)

To manipulate an ImagePyramid, the subband and update_subband functions may be used.

hi_residual = subband(pyramid, 0)
pyramid_inverted_hi = update_subband(pyramid, 0, -hi_residual)

update_subband also has a mutating variant, update_subband!.

To convert an ImagePyramid back to its original image representation, the toimage function may be used.

image_inverted_hi = toimage(pyramid_inverted_hi)

Further examples

The examples/ directory provides a further example of using Pyramids to implement "Phase-Based Frame Interpolation for Video," by Meyer et. al., from CVPR 2015. [1]

[1] https://www.disneyresearch.com/publication/phasebased/

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