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Read R data files (.rda, .RData) and optionally convert the contents into Julia equivalents.

Can read any R data archive, although not all R types could be converted into Julia.

For running R code from Julia see RCall.jl.


From Julia REPL:



To read R objects from "example.rda" file:

using RData

objs = load("path_to/example.rda")

The result is a dictionary (Dict{String, Any}) of all R objects stored in "example.rda".

If convert=true keyword option is specified, load() will try to automatically convert R objects into Julia equivalents:

| R object | Julia object | | |--------------|------------------------|--| | named vector, list | DictoVec | DictoVec allows indexing both by element index and by its name, just as R vectors and lists | | vector | Vector{T} | T is the appropriate Julia type. If R vector contains NA values, they are converted to missing, and the elements type of the resulting Vector is Union{T, Missing}. | factor | CategoricalArray | CategoricalArrays.jl | | Date | Dates.Date | | | POSIXct date time | ZonedDateTime | TimeZones.jl | | data frame | DataFrame | DataFrames.jl |

If conversion to the Julia type is not supported (e.g. R closure or language expression), load() will return the internal RData representation of the object (RSEXPREC subtype).

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