Ray trace ellipsoid-shaped domes. Find intersection points and refract/reflect according to the refractive indices.



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This Julia package allows for geometric ray tracing with ellipsoids (actually domes shaped as ellipsoids). It includes intersection and refraction/reflection of rays with arbitrary ellipsoids. It accomplishes that in about 100 lines of code thanks to heavy use of CoordinateTransformations.jl and StaticArrays.jl.

These ellipsoid-domes are defined with Ellipsoid (see details with help?> Ellipsoid). The normal and refractive indices are defined within the Interface type. These two are baked into a single OpticUnit.

Rays advance! to intersect with the Ellipsoids and bend! at the Interfaces. The raytrace! function includes these two actions, taking in a Ray and an OpticUnit, updating the location and direction of the ray.


  • add rotated ellipsoids
  • add more shapes, so it's not only RayTrace**Ellipsoid**

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