A Julia implementation of Shuhong Gao's FHE scheme


Shuhong Gao's FHE scheme

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This package contains a reference implementation of the FHE scheme from S. Gao, "Efficient fully homomorphic encryption scheme". The aim is to keep the implementation simple as long as it does not affect the performance too much.

A brief usage example:

using Random
using SGFHE

rng = MersenneTwister()
params = Params(64)
key = PrivateKey(params, rng)
bkey = BootstrapKey(rng, key)

y1 = true
y2 = false

enc_y1 = encrypt(key, rng, y1)
enc_y2 = encrypt(key, rng, y2)

enc_and, enc_or, enc_xor = bootstrap(bkey, rng, enc_y1, enc_y2)
res_and, res_or, res_xor = [decrypt(key, enc_bit) for enc_bit in (enc_and, enc_or, enc_xor)]

@assert res_and == y1 & y2
@assert res_or == y1 | y2
@assert res_xor == xor(y1, y2)

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