A Julia package to solve DSGE models



SolveDSGE is a Julia package for solving Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models. The package is aimed at macroeconomists interested in first-order-accurate or second-order-accurate solutions to their general equilibrium models. SolveDSGE offers a broad array of solution methods that can be applied provided the DSGE model can be expressed in one of several standard dynamic representations.


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First-order-accurate methods

SolveDSGE allows rational expectations equilibria to be computed using a variety of methods. The appropriate method to use depends on how the (linearized) model is expressed. The following model forms are accommodated:

  • Blanchard and Kahn (1980)
  • Klein (2000)
  • Sims (2001)
  • Binder and Pesaran (1995)

Second-order-accurate methods

SolveDSGE can also solve DSGE models to second-order-accuracy. The two solution methods that are included are:

  • Gomme and Klein (2011)
  • Lombardo and Sutherland (2007)

Optimal policy

In addition to solving rational expectations models, SolveDSGE also computes optimal policies for a range of model forms. Specifically, The following policies can be computed for linear-quadratic models

  • Discretion
  • Commitment
  • Quasi-commitment
  • Timeless-perspective commitment

Further information

Further information on how to use SolveDSGE is contained in the Package Guide included in the repository.

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