Native Julia suffix array implementation; Derived from sais



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A Julia interface to working with Suffix Arrays. The underlying suffix array sorting implementation is a pure Julia port of sais, by Yuta Mori.

You can use the package by running:

using SuffixArrays
sa = suffixsort("banana")
sa.index # access the underlying sorted suffix array; returned indices are currently 0-based

This package is brand new (8/2/2014) and will probably go through some more iterating, but performance is already impressive being 10x faster than the Java sais implementation and about 1.3x slower than the native C version.

Convenient interface features are being planned to aid in doing fast substring search and other suffix array tricks. I'd also like to explore extensions to the core algorithm to leverage Julia's distributed arrays, parallelization, and UTF8/16/32 string handling capabilties.

As always, bugs and requests are more than welcome and can be submitted through the github issue tracker.

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