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This package produces JUnit XML test reports. It is for use with your CI tooling of choice, for example a CI tool like GoCD consumes reports in this format and gives back HTML reports.

Getting Started

The reporting is designed to enable you to write your unit tests in the standard Julia way, that is using test/runtests.jl as the entry point to your tests and with default TestSet types. In theory, it should also work with custom TestSet types - see the Manual for further information.

To test and generate a report for your package:

julia> TestReports.test("MyPackage")
# Unit tests run, report saved to testlog.xml in current working directory

To add to CI:

$ julia -e 'using Pkg; Pkg.add("TestReports"); using TestReports; TestReports.test("MyPackage")'

Additionally, properties can be added to your TestSets. To do this, use the recordproperty function like so:

using Test
using TestReports

@testset "MyTests" begin
    recordproperty("ID", 1)
    @test 1==1

Example of Use

Below is a screen shot of TestReports being used with GoCD, to report an test failure in DataDepsGenerators.jl.

Screenshot of GoCD web-interface showing failing tests

The corresponding testlog.xml file (after pretty printing) is below.

      Test Failed
  Expression: contains(registration_block, "A Data Mining Approach to Predict Forest Fires using Meteorological Data")

Using directly

I actually don't recommend using this directly in your tests. It is more flexible to just keep using the default testset type, and then use something like the Runner script to generate a wrapper of your tests with this testset around it.

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