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VulkanCore wraps Vulkan and exposes the library calls necessary to work with Vulkan. It is targeted for developers wanting to directly work with Vulkan in Julia.

If you are looking for a high-level julian API you might wish to take a look at Vulkan.jl.

We parsed the Vulkan XML specifications and made them available via Julia's Documentation system. So this just works: selection_003


You are required to have a Vulkan capable device and the appropriate drivers. If these are present, just execute Pkg.add("VulkanCore") with Julia.



The Vulkan wrapper is generated using Clang.jl with the generator file.

The API aims to replicate the Vulkan C-API and is thus very bare bones and hands-on.

using VulkanCore

count = Ref{Cuint}(0)

# Scan layers
err = vk.vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties(count, C_NULL)
@assert err == vk.VK_SUCCESS

global_layer_properties = Array(vk.VkLayerProperties, count[])
err = vk.vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties(count, global_layer_properties)
@assert err == vk.VK_SUCCESS

Semantic Versioning

VulkanCore aims to follow a restricted semantic versioning scheme. Since we are wrapping Vulkan the major and minor version are going to follow the Vulkan standard. Vulkan v"1.0.8" maps to VukanCore.jl v"1.0". Point releases are reserved for internal development and point release updates to the Vulkan specfication.

As such you as a consumer of the package can target a specific Vulkan release by requiring a specific version of VulkanCore.jl.


You are welcome to submit pull-request for improvments, but since this is primarily a wrapper you might focus your attention on the high-level API at Vulkan.jl.


This package is inspired by the work done on CUDArt.jl and OpenCL.jl.

A big thank you also to all core Julia developers, who made this possible in the first place.

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